About Us

The International Food and Specialty / Niche product of your dreams is now at your doorstep. 

Geofresh.in is now your favorite online shop for all your National and International Specialty foods and products stores. Geofresh will serve as the right platform for your quick, effortless and hassle-free shopping.

Geofresh was a seed of thought in the minds of its founders owing to the hectic shopping experience in getting the world specialty products at your doorstep in India.

This online shopping site is a platform to buy all your favorite products that you would have enjoyed at some point of time in your life. However the same would not be available in certain part of country you live. GEOFRESH acts as the bridge to fulfill this desire of having it and need of those specialty products.

Now you can enjoy all your favorite traditional and International products getting delivered at your doorstep.


Geofresh is committed to provide the best online shopping experience with smart shopper features and reasonable pricing, comprehensive range of products,safe delivery and a very friendly customer care to track and manage your orders.


Geofresh has strategic tie-ups and alliance with manufactures, distributors and importers directly to provide best quality with competitive pricing. The entire team of Geofresh works with a vision to be a dominant player catering to all the niche and Specialty food and consumer products.


The user is advised to register and be a member of Geofresh to avail the following benefits.

·         Smart Shopping Features

·         Quick and Free Home delivery

·         Flexible Payment options

·         User Friendly Return and Cancellation policy

·         Premium customer support to manage your accounts

·         Order history and Expense management available

·         Friendly customer care

·         Categorized catalogue to order quickly

·         Exciting Geo deals and Combo offer

·         Effective order tracking system

User Info:

Geofresh provides the user with adequate information to clarify their queries regarding FAQ’s, Return/Cancellation policy, Payment Methods and Shipping policy.

The user is also suggested to read the Privacy policy and Terms and conditions before placing the order. All the policies of Geofresh are framed keeping the convenience of user in mind.

Value adds for user Account:

My Account

Order History: Contains all the transactions of the user.

Reorder: The user can also re-order from his previous shopping list.

Credit Note: We also maintain an online credit note for all returns and cancellations.

Quickshop: Contains a standard monthly listed posted by the admin. The user can shop quickly by clicking "Add to Cart" and "Checkout" directly. The user also has an option to search for his desired products/brands through this feature.

In short the user now has a convenient online shopping site which reduces money, valuable time and stress of shopping on a holiday.

Geofresh is a welcome arrival which will certainly redesign your lifestyle. Happy e-Shopping at the best online specialty food and niche product shopping site in India