Optical Fiber LED Tree

Optical Fiber LED - 5 Feet

Optical Fiber LED - 5 Feet

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This 5 ft fibre optic LED tree produces a wonderful light show from it's combination of LED ligts and fibre tips , with illuminated star on Top. 
The fibre optic tips quickly cycle through a wide variety of colours whilst the led illuminated snowflakes and star slowly change colour. This creates a wonderful and varied effect that makes this tree really eye catching.

The bottom of the tree comes with a sturdy base to prevent toppling.
Thick / Bushy and Highly Dense Christmas tree
Made of Hi quality PVC and optical fibre 
Suitable for indoor / Out Door 
Easy to assemble
Can be decorated to get stunning looks
Ideal for all Places.
Made of Hi Quality PVC needles. Can be decorated by adding Accessiories
Can be packed easily and used for many years. 
Our trees have been used in many malls, IT parks etc.

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